How To Customize ClickFunnels Css For A More Modern Look

First, we begin by taking a closer look at the custom css file. The ClickFunnels CSS is an upgraded version of their previous gradient based theme system. This system allows webmasters to use ClickFunnels custom CSS in conjunction with their existing web site. With this new system, webmasters are able to create an updated and modernized version of their current field theme. This new theme is compatible with almost any web browser and includes easy to navigate buttons and links.

Where Is The Best How To Customize Clickfunnels Css For A More Modern Look?

In this how-to video, present you the custom CSS file to demonstrate how you could customize it to fit your needs, including add/remove pictures, change the video size, add/remove videos, etc. Also, at the end of the how-to video, I show you how to get a “free” custom domain. Then, after the how-to video, I share with you my top tips for building an e-mail list. At the end of this how-to video, I have links to resources that will help you increase targeted website traffic.

Second, after the how-to video ends, I present to you another tip for utilizing ClickFunnels updated CSS. You can easily and quickly remove the border around the current field and border-box on the custom css file. Doing this will make the page look like the following: This border makes the page look more cluttered, thus removing the border and box will make the page look like this: All of these actions remove the original border and box around the current field, resulting in an uncluttered and cleaner looking page.

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