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Child Care Centres in AuburnChild Care Centres in Auburn

The auburn childcare is a great place to go for some quality time with your kids, whether you are a new parent, single parents, working parent or someone who just needs a break. The centre is a one and a half day stay, you can come and go as you please, it is located on the Blue Mountains Highway about 30 minutes from Sydney. It is a small, but very quiet and peaceful setting that caters for both adults and children, there are no toys and games to keep you occupied, instead each of your kids will have their own individual room where they can get away from the other kids and do what they want to do. There is a very small amount of children’s activities so you don’t have to worry about finding something to do, or having to spend too much time at the centre. There is a very friendly staff that is always willing to help out, or give you a hand if you are feeling disoriented.

The Benefits of a Child Care Centre in Auburn

The centre has a very unique atmosphere, in a country setting it creates a very relaxed setting, even the decor does not feel like a Typical Australian Family Home, it is very unique, however the focus of this centre is on having a lot of fun and keeping your kids occupied so they won’t get bored. It can be a little bit expensive to come to the centre often, but if you are planning on staying for a couple of days, it may be well worth the expense. The centre has three different rooms, the Family Room, the Early Childhood Education Room, and the Arts and Crafts Room. The family room offers an open style of decor, with wood flooring, comfortable seating and lots of storage, it looks cozy and might even make you want to stay longer!

The Early Childhood Education Room is great for younger children, they can learn about colours, numbers, shapes and other learning fundamentals while you are there, the centre also offers classes for pre-school kids. The Arts and Crafts Room offer a great array of crafting supplies for kids of all ages, from clay to paint and everything else! Overall The Child Care Centre Augusta is a great place to go for some quality time with your family!