Day: April 29, 2021

What Is New In The Way Of Playground Equipment?What Is New In The Way Of Playground Equipment?

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Are you looking for an experienced and reputable supplier of playground equipment in New South Wales? There are several options available to you when it comes to playground equipment. The most obvious is buying pre-fabricated playground structures from companies such as Total Quality Play or the UK’s largest manufacturer of playground equipment, iFit. The benefits of using pre-fabricated items include a significantly lower cost than constructing your own, although many new parents are concerned that these pre-built structures are not built to safety standards, with many lacking the required reinforcement and braces to prevent the playground structure from tipping over. As well as this, pre-fabricated playground equipment has limited versatility, since all of the equipment must be pre-constructed (which may mean that it cannot be used on another park structure in the future).


A much more flexible option for parents looking for playground equipment NSW is to purchase a range of modular playground sets. With these you can choose exactly how your playground structure will look and where in the city you will site it, allowing you to tailor the pieces to suit your child’s needs and to give them the opportunity to participate in as many different activities as possible. Modular playground sets include everything from swings to see-saws and monkey bars to climbing frames and adventure playground equipment. You can also choose accessories such as playground chairs and picnic tables and buy complete sets that can be assembled together to allow children to create their own “jungle gym” or “sparkle forest”. As well as allowing children to move freely around the playground, children in modular sets are also more likely to play with other children and so enjoy the social interaction that plays such an important part in childhood development.


If you’re interested in purchasing pre-fabricated or modular playground equipment, contact one of the leading suppliers of playground equipment in New South Wales. A company like Total Quality Play will provide you with a high quality selection of products, backed by a full range of industry knowledge and excellent after-sales service. This means that you can get the equipment you need to ensure that your children are able to access a wide variety of games and activities without feeling overwhelmed or without the ability to find their way around. A strong, reliable company that has been in the playground equipment market for many years is also backed by a great after-sales service and a range of tools and accessories to make sure that your playground equipment lasts as long as it should.…