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WWE Champions Guide, Tips & Cheats

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WWE Champions Guide Tips & Cheats – In four decades of its existence, the WWE has slowly distanced itself from being a wrestling company to being a more media and entertainment driven company with wrestling as its foundation. House shows are no longer the WWE’s greatest source of income but merely a marketing tool to sell the rest of their wrestling flavored merchandise. From movies, reality TV shows to games and other media; it’s not just about wrestling anymore. The same can be said of Scopely’s WWE Champions.

It’s not really a wrestling game but a match-three RPG puzzle game with wrestling as its backdrop. Players combine and match colored gems to perform moves on their opponents. It sounds simple enough but it isn’t. The game doesn’t work like most match-three puzzle games. For instance, special pieces work differently. You also have to pay attention to the superstar you’re using. If players want to win here, they have to strategize carefully. To assist you with this, we’ve decided to compile a guide with some of the most helpful tips and tricks we’ve discovered while playing the game. Whether you’re a beginner or a well-seasoned competitor, it is our hope that you can follow this WWE Champions Guide and become a grand slam champion.

WWE Champions Guide, Tips & Cheats : 10 Tips You Should Know

  1. Focus on matching the right Gems at the right time

Get an early advantage on your opponent by matching gems faster than they do so you can charge your moves up first. This sounds a bit like common sense but some players may be tempted to take their time but you have to remember that you’re playing against someone (or something) else. Also, keep an eye on how close to being charged your opponent’s moves are.

If you match five gems in a row, it creates a wildcard which allows you to have an extra turn for your wrestler.
Your main focus should be matching the gems that correspond to your finisher as quickly as you can so you can win the match.

  1. Tag Team Matches

WWE Champions gives you the option to choose what type of wrestling match you’d like to play in. The type of wrestler you choose per match actually matters, especially for tag matches. Experiment with the combination of superstars you choose because some superstars will receive bonuses when they are paired together.

  1. Work on your Talents

If your Superstar has a higher amount of Talent than your opponent’s superstar, it will increase the chance of your wrestling winning the match. This is where the RPG mechanics come in. Talent points are similar to experience points. They allow you to level up your wrestler’s moves. Choose a wrestler for each class and level up their talents. Do not waste time trying to level up random superstars on the basis of you being a fan of them. Keep your strategy objective.

There are six classes: Trickster, Technician, Powerhouse, Acrobat, Showboat, and Striker. There are in-game tips that will show you how each class affects the game differently. You can access the class wheel by clicking on one of the class icons.

  1. Complete More Missions

Missions are in-game tasks and games you can complete. Every mission you complete earns you cash and a mission bag parcelled with coins, talent point posters, and other rewards. You can find the missions on the top right side of your screen.

When you reach Level 10, missions work differently. You will have more timers to wait through but your ability to earn cash will be increased.

  1. Get Free Cash

To get free cash, go to the in-game Store then Cash. Scroll down to the bottom to fill out offers for free cash. Your mileage may be different. This is based on your actual location. Once again, cash is the premium in-game currency.

  1. Heal your Wrestler

Don’t go into a match without fully healing your superstar. Wrestlers heal very slowly so before exiting a game, make sure you use up your health packs as opposed to waiting for your superstars to heal naturally.

  1. Join a Faction

Joining a faction helps you get quick and easy heals. You can join a faction by clicking on the faction button on the bottom of your screen and choose from a list of factions to join. It’s recommended that you join a faction with players that are close to your level so no one mooches on anyone else.

Once you join a faction, you can ask faction members to heal you. You can also heal other faction members as well.

  1. Equip Props

Every time you win a game, you get props as a reward, regardless of the game mode you win. You can access the prop toolbox on the lower left side of your screen when choosing a wrestler for a match.  You can only equip three props.

Since props are consumable, you have to be careful which ones you choose to equip. What do they do though? They have a variety of applications such as helping you charge up moves or transforming a bad move into a good one.

  1. Save Your Cash and Grind

If you’re just starting out, it’s fine to spend cash on coins, especially if you need one or two strong wrestlers. Coins are far easier to accumulate than cash is, so try to avoid spending cash on them. Do not spend cash on tapping out of a pin. It’s not worth it.

  1. Replay Matches

If you want to earn more cash and points so you can improve your wrestler, the best way of going about this is by replaying previous matches that you’ve already won. The advantage of this is you can replay those matches with a much more improved wrestler than you had when you first won the match. You can’t get props but you can get loot briefcases.

Final Word

What makes WWE Champions great is it’s an amalgamation of different genres. This tests its players in very different ways. Which also ensures that players won’t get bored or tired of it any time soon. Because of its mechanics, it’s also appealing to non-wrestling fans. We hope that you have found this WWE Champions guide tips & cheats to be helpful. If you have any tips of your own, that you’d like to share, please do not hesitate to comment below.

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