Top 10 Best Android Games of 2019

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Android has been around us since the last ten years. In those years, thousands of games hit Google Play Store. Although all the games are not concerned with offering quality, some are trashy, and you don’t want your money and time going into something inferior. Some games you find are hell expensive, but they turn out to be the most boring games. Some are available free of cost but are thrilling and interesting enough to glue you for hours. You have a lot of choices when it comes to the best android games. To pick up any game, you should always keep in mind that you won’t be playing one specific game during the whole time. You might be standing in a queue, sitting on a sofa or traveling.

Android devices used to suffer from a lack of premium gaming experience earlier. Most of the games hit iOS platform first even today, but the game developers know they can’t grow without the support of the Android audience. There is something for everyone here on Android whether you want a 5-minute game or a five hours game.

You will find some of the best games on Android for the year 2018-19 in this article. The list has a combination of free games as well as paid games. There has been a significant change in the quality of free games coming from independent game developers. Although, If you haven’t previously tried the paid games, do give it a try once and you will see a massive improvement in the variety and quality a game has to offer. Here are the best android games available for you that you must try once. 

Best Android Games You Should Play In 2019

  1. PUBG Mobile

pubg mobile

Player Unknown Battlegrounds famously known as PUBG for mobile is a free survival shooting game. It gives you an experience of getting dropped on an island with 99 other unknown players and fighting there to see who will ultimately survive. This game is available on PCs as well, but it seems to run better on a smartphone. You are dropped in a parachute in the land that you target; then you loot buildings and places to gear up and collect essentials.

Lastly, you try your best to save yourself till the very end. You can play as a single player, or you can gang up by creating a squad up to 4 people. This game is termed as the most addictive game of android of 2018.

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  1. Battleheart 2

battleheart 2

Battleheart is a combat game; the sequel is basically the same engine with more advanced tweaks. It has improved graphics, a multiplayer mode, more characters to choose from and no microtransactions. The game costs $3.99 and is available in play store. 

Get Battleheart 2 On Google Play

  1. Alto’s Adventure

alto's adventure

Alto’s Adventure makes the high-speed snowboarding so relaxing with just one touch controls. These simple controls let you guide Alto down the hills and mountains while performing multiple backflips, grinding edges and getting big air.

This is one of the top android game with beautiful mountain scenery which goes on endlessly, the day to night transition is so mesmerizing, and it also has music going on in the background which you should listen to with headphones on. It is available for free with in-app purchases. 

Get Alto’s Adventure On Google Play

  1. Battlelands Royale

battlelands royale

Battlelands Royale involves choosing a drop point on the lap of the island beforehand, then land to find shields and weapons. You can also go for weapon drops or more advanced weapons like rocket launchers. You can hide in the building and other stuff as you lay in and wait for your opponents to pass by and step into your path.

A single game lasts for about 10 minutes or less. The game is available for free of cost but it has in-app purchases to buy new updates for characters, and it also has a battle pass. 

Get Battlelands Royale On Google Play

  1. Shadowgun Legends

shadowgun legends

There are only a few console level quality games that you can play on your android phone, Shadowgun Legends is as close as you can get. You can hit up stores and shops to buy armor and weapons. You can find a place to gamble for more in-game coins; there is a black market for new items and much more. This game is available for free. There are a lot of in-app purchases here in this game, but you can easily avoid them.

The game involves unlocking puzzles, different story missions, and blasts your way through enemies and deadly objects to achieve popularity. Weapons can be in the unique exotics and other things that will keep you interested.  

Get Shadowgun Legends On Google Play

  1. Monument Valley

monument valley android

Monument Valley is a puzzle game inspired by Escher. It is a strange, deeply rewarding and lovely experience. You set yourself to control a tiny princess Ida on a mysterious mission. She is stuck in a place called Monument Valley which is made up of several non-Euclidean structures. Dangerous blackbirds mostly populate these structures. Her mission is in itself an experience for discovering the monument valley as you guide Ida around the constructions. You slide, shift and run to make it on to the next level.

Every single aspect of this game has given so much thought and detail making it an amazing experience for the players. From the gameplay to the story to the simple control system, to the art and music. This game makes you fall in love with space and geometry on the whole another level. The game costs $4 and is available on play store. 

Get Monument Valley On Google Play

  1. Infinity OPS

infinity ops

Formerly known as Destiny: Warfare, this is a multiplayer shooting game. The depth and range of the gameplay are very impressive for a mobile shooting game. It has customization options, three standard multiplayer options, clan creation, and custom game hosting along with colorful sci-fi landscapes, jetpacks; low gravity maps ad different class types. The only downside to this game is that there is no single player mode available, but it is free to play. 

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  1. Mr. Gun

mr. gun

Mr. Gun is also a mobile shooter game. It has a simple one-tap shooting mechanism in which your character fire bullets at other gunmen and it should hit the head preferably. You keep popping the enemies in a never-ending staircase as they pop up on a level above you. If you miss your target, it’s their chance to shoot so you have to aim and shoot quickly. This game is free to install and play. 

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  1. Major Mayhem 2

major mayham

Major Mayhem 2 is the sequel to the original game arcade shooter. This game set a standard for havoc-wreaking and ninja killing in every possible way. You have to run for the glory by pointing guns on every enemy and vehicle that comes your way. You can pure and unadulterated firepower. This game is available for free. 

Get Major Mayhem 2 On google Play

  1. Miriam: The Escape

miriam the escape

In this game, you control a child named Miriam who is trapped in a deadly dream space which is dark, mysterious and surreal. Every level has a key to find in order to unlock the door to the next level. There’s water; spinning saw blades and spiky objects that hinder the progress. This game is available for free to download on play store.

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