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10 Best Linux Distros Of 2019

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If you are tired of those security issues in Windows and macOS isn’t your thing then let me introduce you to the Linux OS. It’s simple, and it’s open source. Linux comes from the UNIX family of the operating systems. It became popular in the 1970s and became the first preference of many software developers and geeks. At first, it was only available for X86 Desktop PC, but gradually Linux made its place in Android Phones and Google Chromebook.

As Linux was an open source OS, many new changes were introduced into it. This resulted in the birth of various distributions or ‘distros.’ In this post, we will be telling you more about these Linux distros. We will also tell you about the Top 10 Best Linux Distros you should give a try! So, without any further ado let’s get started.

List of best Linux Distros For Beginners 2019

Every Linux Distribution differs from each other. The best of the Linux Distros are designed while keeping a specific group of users in mind. For instance, Ubuntu, a very user-friendly and intuitive Linux distro is developed for newcomers. On the other hand, the Arch Linux Distro has been designed for more experienced Linux users. Below you will find all kinds of the best Linux distros. Choose the one that suits you the best.

  1. Elementary OS

elementary OS

Elementary OS is considered to be one of the best-looking Linux Distros in the whole Linux family. It is smartly designed in looks, and the desktop environment is excellent. But you don’t get many preinstalled apps with the Elementary OS.

So, if you want a distro that doesn’t make you look like a nerdy hacker typing commands in the terminal, then Elementary OS is the best option for you. You can try the latest version of the Elementary OS called Loki. It is much better and prettier than its predecessor Freya. You also get the inbuilt application installer called AppCenter with Loki.

You can get started with Elementary OS here

  1. Linux Mint (Fastest Desto)

linux mint

Linux Mint is an excellent option for Linux novices. It is just perfect for users shifting from Windows/MacOS to Linux. Linux Mint has got good media support and has the right amount of customization options. The Linux Mint is going to make you feel at home and shifting from Windows or Mac will not feel that tough. It has necessary tools like LibreOffice that will act as an alternative to Microsoft Office.

The support for media formats is also decent. Linux mint allows you to play videos, DVD and MP3 files. There are three flavors of Mint 19 that you can start with. All three of them have a different desktop environment. You will get a good number of customization options with Linux Mint. So, go and give it a try!

You can get started with Mint here

  1. Ubuntu (Most Popular Distro)


I have personally used this distro of Linux, and I am pretty satisfied with it. This distro is another amazing distro for novices. You get the stability and security of the LTS version. Ubuntu is the most popular distro of Linux. Every six month, a new Ubuntu version is released. The latest version of Ubuntu right now is the Ubuntu 18.04.

Every year an LTS version of Ubuntu is released. With LTS you get five years of security and maintenance updates. Because of this, you don’t have to run a full upgrade every month. You can also try Lubuntu which is the lighter version of Ubuntu for PCs with lower-end specifications.

You can get started with Ubuntu here and Lubuntu here

  1. Arch Linux (Best Linux Distro)

arch linux

Arch Linux is all about customizations so if you are an experienced Linux user then giving Arch Linux a try should be next in your to-do list. Warning! This Linux Distro is not for novices. Arch Linux allows you to customize your build using the terminal. You can download and install packages, and it’s just an excellent distro for developers.

There is a much user-friendly Arch Linux spin available called Antergos. It comes with in-built applications and various desktop environments. Antergos has a graphical installer that can help you with the setup process. But it doesn’t come with LibreOffice or any other Office Suite, but you can install it any time you want.

You can get started with Arch Linux here or Antergos here

  1. Tails (Best Linux Distro For Privacy)

tails linux

Tails has put a great emphasis on security and privacy but still somehow manages to provide a user-friendly and straightforward UI. Tails protect your privacy by trying to conceal your location and identity as much as possible. A Fun Fact: Edward Snowden has used this distro.

The best part about Tails is that it routes all the Internet traffic through the Tor Network. It is based on Debian Linux. I will suggest you use Tails if you are anxious about your privacy as this distro is not for everyone.

You can get started with Tails here

  1. Ubuntu Studio

ubuntu studio

Ubuntu Studio is an Ubuntu spin which makes it easy for you to carry out your audio and video production work. It also supports many audio plugins. The best part is that even after it is a production-based distro you can still use the packages present in the main Ubuntu OS. It is an excellent alternative to costly production software. It also supports MIDI input. You can record audio using special tools like JACK Audio Connection Kit.

You can get started with Ubuntu Studio here

  1. SteamOS (Best For Gamers)


If you are into gaming like me, then you should give SteamOS a try. It is the #1 Gaming Linux Distro. It comes with Steam App pre-installed in it. It’s not hard to guess that Valve is behind the maintenance and design of the SteamOS.

You can any time enable the “Desktop Mode” and start using a Linux Desktop environment. So, this distro is not only about games, and you can complete your daily tasks using any sort of application. Steam OS is just perfect for Linux novices and gamers.

You can get started with SteamOS Here

  1. Kali Linux (Best For Pen-testers)

kali linux

If you are into ethical hacking and penetration testing, then look no further than Kali Linux. Formerly known as the BackTrack, Kali has everything a hacking enthusiast or learner will need in an OS. It comes with thousands of pre-installed tools that help in vulnerability analyses, wireless attacks, stress testing, etc.

Kali Linux is a Debian based distro, and most of the tools that you will find in it are imported from Debian repos. Kali is not limited to only desktops; you can install it in Raspberry Pi, Chromebooks, Ordroid, etc. Thanks to Kali NetHunter, now it’s also available on Android devices.

You can get started with Kali Linux Here

  1. UberMix (Best For Educational Purposes)


Nowadays, Linux is originating as one of the most used Operating Systems in the world. The open-source technologies are also emerging due to increased demand in the industry. That’s why it is highly advisable to make your kids adapt to the Linux OS. That’s why we have added UberMix in our list of best Linux Distros.

Ubermix is the perfect Linux distro that your kid can start using. The best part about this OS is that it takes only 5 minutes to get installed. It has around 60 useful pre-installed applications that make it the best Linux Distro for kids and teachers.

Get started with Ubermix Here

Final Words

So, that’s it for this post. I hope you found our list of best Linux Distros informative and helpful. If you think that some changes are required in this list, then feel free to leave a comment in the comments section, and we will see what we can do. Stay tuned for more tech-related articles. Thanks for reading.

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