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10 Best Android Emulators For PC [2019 Edition]

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Phones are getting ridiculously expensive. You’ll probably need to take out a mortgage just to afford the next iPhone or top of the range Samsung phone. So what if you can’t afford the latest high-end Android smartphone but you want to use some of the apps or play around with the games on it? If you have a decent PC, you should have no problem running an Android emulator. To help you decide which one will suit your needs the most, we decided to compile a list of the best android emulators for pc.

Best Android Emulators for Your Windows PC: 2019 Edition

  1. BlueStacks 4

BlueStacks is the most popular Android Emulator on this list, clocking in over 300 million downloads. The latest iteration boasts to benchmark 6-8x faster than every major mobile Android smartphone. This is a great stat and all but it also means that the BlueStacks 4 is heavier on system resources.

BlueStacks has always been mobile game orientated. BlueStacks 4 takes this to a new level by making advanced game controls and key mapping a lot more accessible. It is easy to set up but you might have to tweak some of the settings to get it working perfectly on your PC. The biggest issue with BlueStacks is that some of the advertising is obnoxious, almost going as far as installing apps without your consent. If you want to escape this, you can always pay for a premium subscription.

  1. Nox App Player 6

nox app player

If you’re looking for an emulator for pc that’s less intrusive with ads, look no further than Nox App Player. Much like other emulators, it allows you to either sideload apps or install them from the Google Play store. Nox also allows you to have multiple instances or windows open on your computer. It’s especially suited for playing Android games on your computer and even comes with keyboard and mouse mapping.

Unfortunately, Nox can be a bit laggy cause of its heavy use on computer resources but it’s very easy to root. We highly recommend this as an alternative to Blue Stacks. It’s one of the best Android emulators you can run on window pc.

  1. MeMU Play

memu play

Another great game orientated android emulator for PC is MeMU Play. It supports both Intel and AMD CPUs while also being compatible with NVidia and AMD graphics cards. What sets MeMU apart from other emulators is its user interface. It has a simple, slick user interface that makes it easy to map controls and configure how you play your games.

Playing games on MeMU is a smooth and pleasant experience. You can also use it for social media and productivity apps. It also allows you to run multiple instances. MeMU is a completely capable and worthy PC Android Emulator.

  1. Remix OS Player

remix os player

Remember Remix OS, the now-defunct operating system? It allowed users to log in and run Android applications on their computers. Well, Remix OS Player is the Windows program version of that OS. Remix OS Player is one of the most lightweight Android Emulators out there and it allows you to run multiple instances so you can run different Android apps simultaneously.

Remix OS Player is free, lightweight and portable. No installation really required. Which makes it one of the best Android emulators for Windows.

  1. Genymotion


Prior entries on this list were tailored more to casual users and gamers. Genymotion is more tailored to Android application developers. The beauty of it is it allows you to virtualize most devices and roms so you can test apps on them. It relies on Oracle VM to run in the background. Setting it up can be a little complicated.

Genymotion has versions for MacOS and Linux as well. It’s compatible with Android Studio and Android SDK. It’s a great emulator for developers and enthusiasts.

  1. KO Player

ko player

KO Player is another great option in terms of Android emulators for Windows. It endeavors to provide users with a sleek gaming experience. It also supports Android productivity apps. KO Player is free, however, it uses ads to keep the lights on.

It’s very easy to set up and the user interface is pretty intuitive. It’s a great app player and definitely worth your time.

  1. Droid4X


Droid4X is one of the youngest Android Emulators on this list but don’t let its youth fool you into thinking that it’s not a really good Android emulator. Droid4x is pluggable, which means it comes with a list of add-ons that you can download and add to the app. It’s also completely free.

It also has an app that you can install on your Android smartphone. It allows you to control Droid4x remotely. This is a unique feature you will not find on many Android emulators. It isn’t the most stable Android emulator but it’s one of the best in terms of gaming experience. The developers continued efforts in it, means that future versions will be even better than this one.

  1. WindRoy

windroy app player for android

WindRoy is another lesser known but capable emulator on the list. The difference between WindRoy and other emulators on this list is it uses the Window Kernal. What this means is it doesn’t use a virtualization engine or virtualization box. Being simulator free means it’s ultra-fast and lightweight.

In terms of aesthetics, WindRoy is has a simple design and build. It’s based on Android 4 so that might be offputting for users. The developers promise that future versions will be based on the latest versions of Android. Despite all of this, it comes highly recommended from us.

  1. Xamarin Android Player

xamarin android emulator

If you’re looking for an alternative to GenyMotion but is a little easier to set up, look no further than Xamarin. Xamarin is a lot more user-friendly than GenyMotion but it doesn’t come with the same range of customization. It’s also targetted at app developers.

Xamarin has been put through some extreme testing and boasts to be nearly 100% bug-free. Unfortunately, you have to install and run Virtual Box in order to get it to work.

  1. Andy

andy emulator for pc

Last on our best android emulator comes Andy. It’s a relatively new Android emulator with a growing user base. At the beginning of its life, it was prone to crashes and bugs but the developers have since refined it. You can use Andy to sync between your Android mobile device and your computer. You can download apps directly from your computers web browser into Andy.

It also ensures that it’s using the latest version of Android. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support 32-bit machines and operating systems. But because of its unique features and drive to stay above its competitor, Andy is still one the best Android emulators you can get on Mac or Pc.


We ran through some very exciting prospects in this list that overlap in both function and ability. We’ve shown you some old favorites and some new relatively unknowns. I hope that you’ve learned that you don’t have to put yourself in debt just to get a good gaming smartphone. One of these emulators should do the trick for you. If you’d like to point out a blind spot on our side or tell us what your favorite emulator is, please don’t hesitate to comment below. As always, thank you for reading.


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