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10 Free And Best Android Apps For 2019

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It is no secret that when it comes to variety, Google’s play store offering beats both Microsoft and iOS by a thousand miles. You can find an application for almost any of your work or daily needs ranging from education, fitness, photography, news, music, fashion, optimizers, etc. So, we took some time ourselves to sift through the vast library of Google’s Play store to pick out the best android apps you can use for your own daily needs.

Now, mind you, that you might not find other apps to be better than some on our list because at the end of the day it all boils down to personal preference. But we did make sure to at least eliminate the vast majority of fake and badly designed apps to bring you this list.

Read on to find the top android apps you can have in your android smartphone today.

10 Best Android Apps You Should Use In 2018

  1. Launcher App : Google Now Launcher

google now launcher

A smooth smartphone leads to a happy user experience. The Google Now Launcher provides just that.

We all know that the stock experience of Android is the smoothest experience. Most smartphone manufacturers tend to apply their own skins on top of the stock android to make them feel different than the rest. But most of us do not like the added touches which sometimes may be too intensive for our tastes. Google Now Launcher remedies that as it recreates your home screen and app drawer interface to the clean and smooth looker android was always intended to be.

It will not actually affect your phone’s performance but will make searching and selecting for your applications that much quicker and satisfying. This is definitely one of the top android apps when it comes to launchers because it gives you the basic, clutter-free look most of us always wanted.

  1. Video Calling App : Google Duo

google duo

If you like to video chat with your friends, then google duo is the best app for you.

Google Duo lets you live video call your friends in high definition, so you and your close ones never feel apart in times of need. You can also simply voice call anyone in case you do not want to video chat with them. Calls can be made over cellular data or a Wi-Fi connection. It has a simple interface and does ask for any unnecessary permissions.

It has a very useful feature which lets you leave a video message for your friend in case he/she missed your call, and you can also see who is calling you via live preview before you accept a video call so that you can be sure someone you know is the one calling you.

  1. Google Maps – Navigate & Explore

google maps

This app is the mobile version of Google Maps and is hands down one of the best android apps you can find for navigation.

When you travel to different places, are looking for a specific location or are trying to get to work by beating the traffic, nobody is a better companion than this app. From your source location to the destination you will always find the ideal route mapped out for you in real time so you can avoid traffic, roadblocks or road ends. You can even calculate the time it would take you to reach your destination depending on your mode of transportation such as a car, motorbike, public transport, etc.

Maps also goes a step ahead when you are looking around for places to eat in a new city. It will suggest the nearest and trendiest places where you can grab a bite and relax.

We wholeheartedly thank Google for developing this app for us and making it free too at the same time.

  1. Notes & Lists App : Google Keep

google keep

Google keep is the personal notepad you have always wanted. It lets you take notes of something important you would want to remember, your daily chores, your work deadlines, etc. The interface is very simple and lets you segregate the different notes you make based on whether they are for personal or professional reasons.

If it also helps you better, you can choose the color of each note you make so that you can prioritize them according to their colors. The app also comes with a widget so that you never miss a note when the time comes as you look at your home screen.

  1. Video Player App : VLC for Android

vlc for android

Most of us use VLC for all our movies, videos and series binge watches. Considering how popular VLC is for desktops, it isn’t a surprise that they released a mobile version for Android.

Using this app, you play almost any video or audio file ranging from the vast majority of video and audio codes respectively without any hitches. The gallery within the app is also very curated making sure you always know where to look when looking for a specific song or video.

So, VLC is one of those must have android apps for you especially if you consume media on a regular basis.

  1. Photo Editor App : Snapseed


Snapseed by Google is one the best android apps when it comes to photo editing. Most would argue that it is the best in its category.

We wouldn’t say that Snapseed isn’t for the casual user, but it is recommendable for serious photographers and editors who want or need to spend time creating the best possible image while on the go. As such, it has a full array of top-notch editing tools, including selective edit brushes, plus a nice collection of film-related filters such as Lens Blur, Retrolux, and the new Double Exposure.

The strongest point of Snapseed is that it has superb traditional tools and non-destructive editing features which make the fine-tuning process pictures very accurate and effective.

The fact that Snapseed is free and competes with other top editing apps which are ‘pay to use’ is enough for us to put it on this list.

  1. Messaging App : WhatsApp


When it comes to instant messaging, The #1 is Whatsapp. The fact that Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion goes to show how much they viewed it as a competition and the impact this app has had across the world proves it even further. Whatsapp is now one of the most dominating instant messaging apps in South America, Europe, and Asia. You can send instant messages to anyone over the internet who use WhatsApp as long as you have their number. You can also send documents, pdf, pictures, and videos individually or to a group of people.

Whatsapp lets you have groups of people such as college friends, family, work, travel group, etc. and you can easily send messages and share emojis and gifs to express yourself. Following on the footsteps of Skype, WhatsApp also lets you call your contacts over the internet, and the call quality is excellent provided there is a stable internet connection on both ends.

Try out WhatsApp yourself today. We can definitely say that it is very addicting.

  1. Youtube


When it comes to videos Youtube has been the leader of online media consumption. Youtube offers you the biggest and most wonderful content created by various content creators in your small screens so you can enjoy them at your leisure. The Youtube app is highly optimized to always show your subscription-based content first and also recommend to you what you might likely enjoy based on what kind of content you would like to watch for weeks.

You also have features such as adding videos to your watch later list so you can enjoy them when you are free, download videos for offline viewing through the youtube app itself and live to stream from within the app itself so you can share live blogs on your travels or special moments.

Youtube is one the best apps for android you can ever have and will always remain a treasure trove which you can dive further into each day.

  1. PDF Creator & Scanner App : CamScanner


CamScanner is like the friendly scanner you can carry around. It lets you scan any document and edit and customize it before using it or sending it to someone else. The app uses your smartphone’s primary camera to scan any document or piece of writing you desire.

After scanning, you can choose to edit its dimensions, colors, apply filters and texts of your own and then save it or store it as an image or pdf file.

You do have to deal with ads now and then, but they aren’t very intrusive and considering that the app is completely free we don’t mind at all.

  1. Puzzle Game : Cut the Rope

cut the rope

One of the most widely played games from the Play store, Cut the Rope is a hit among adults and children alike. In this cartoony, puzzle/physics-based game, your goal is to make sure the candy reaches Om Nom so he can eat it and be happy. You have to use your wits and use the various tools and in-game mechanisms given to you to make sure the candy reaches Om Nom safely while at the same time trying to collect all three stars in each level to guarantee yourself a perfect score each time.

This is one of those must-have android apps so you can relax and rewind after a long tiring day along with your friends or kids and it is suitable for all ages as it is family friendly.

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