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After using Linux for a couple of months on my computer, I decided to share my experiences,
frustrations and moments of great joy as a newbie with other people who, like me, want to explore the beautiful world of Linux.

What is Linux?  Can I use it on my computer?  What can I do with it?  What software can I use with Linux?
Can I still play games?  What does it look like? Where can I find information?
Which distribution do I choose? How do I install this thing?
This page will try to give answers to these questions and give some practical advice on choosing a distribution and installing this beautiful operating system.

You can download most of the articles as .pdf files. You need Acrobat reader to view them.
The latest Linux news is here.


Suggestions, remarks, help with articles …. are always appreciated.
Web master :   webmaster@beginnerslinux.org

release date : 04 october 1999
last updated : 21 july 2013

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Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds

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